Sydney, NSW – The Veterans Film Festival (VFF) is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Board of Directors, following the move from Canberra to Sydney at the end of 2021. The new board  heralds the launch of the festival in Sydney and brings a broad range of skills and experience to the VFF. Executive Chair Warwick Young, veteran, filmmaker and co-designer of the ADF Arts for Recovery, Resilience, Teamwork and Skills (ARRTS) program, heads a cohort of eight board members that includes fellow veterans Justin Boylson, an experienced commodity trader and resource project manager,  Alison Creagh CSC, board member since 2019 and chair of SME Gateway, Glen Ferrarotto, head of Ironside Resources and Jonathan Hyde, a leading legal practitioner and former defence force judge. Joining them are Natasha Moore, Partner at KPMG, Dr Marty Murphy, Program Convenor for the Bachelor of Arts at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School and Festival Director Annie Parnell.