Project Homeless Parramatta Prize for Best Film and  Best Film on Returning Veterans 

Film Name: Peacekeeper
Team: Cinestudios Entertainment
Producer: Joshua Hoareau
Lead Female Actor: Tatiana Barrie
Lead Male Actor: Paul O’Brien
Logline: A former Australian Peacekeeper reflects on his time served in Africa during peacekeeping operations.


Project Homeless Parramatta Prize for Best Documentary and Best Music/Sound 

Film Name: Captain George
Team: Ali Ftouni
Producer: Ali Ftouni
Lead Male Actor: Ali Ftouni
Logline: A true story of a professional director and artist


Project Homeless Best Performer (Male or Female Actor) – Lauren Pegus and Best Script 

Film Name: Soldier On
Team: Savage Productions
Producer: Rupert Raineri
Lead Female Actor: Lauren Pegus
Lead Male Actor: Rupert Raineri
Logline: The story of a young returned female veteran, and how she struggles to find home.